Funeral services

I offer a range of different ways to celebrate the life of a loved one, including traditional burials and cremations along with woodland burials, ashes scattering ceremonies and more.
I always offer a helping hand to find a service or ceremony that works for you and of course the wishes of those that have passed.


The Civil Funeral is conducted by a Civil Celebrant.  The ceremony will be designed around the person who has died.  A celebration of who they were and what they believed in.


The ceremony can be conducted totally by the graveside where I can compile an individual service outdoors or at a cemetery chapel or maybe at the Funeral Director’s premises, and then a short time at the graveside.

Memorial Service

A funeral alone, may not be enough to say goodbye to a loved one. You may want to have a memorial service shortly after. You may just want a more intimate funeral with close family only. You may feel you would like to include a further tribute in a way that is fitting and meaningful.    A memorial service could be offered to the family in order to have an additional service. The funeral could be for close family and the memorial service open to extended family, friends, and colleagues.

Whatever your wishes, I would be able to help in the memorial service or to lead a ceremony of remembrance as you scatter or bury the ashes. We could discuss your requirements when we meet or after the funeral.

Green/Woodland Burials

The Woodland Burial is a very suitable option for those seeking somewhere more natural and beautiful to hold a funeral and remember a loved one. Instead of a traditional headstone, graves are marked by the planting of a memorial tree or the placing of a plaque. The ceremony is created to include a time for quiet reflection in a very peaceful atmosphere.
woodland burial

Scattering/Interment of Ashes Ceremony

It is an honour for me to construct a short ceremony in the form of committal to reflect on the life of the deceased either by scattering in a favourite spot or interment.
Scattering ashes in the lake